Evaluation of hosting-as a means of saving money

Evaluation of hosting-as a means of saving money Beautifully and functionally, and most importantly correctly written by all the laws of web design site does not mean its success in the global network. Undoubtedly SEO, (Wikipedia: Search engine optimization (eng. search engine optimization, SEO) a set of measures to raise the position of the site in the results of search engines for certain user requests in order to promote the site.), will become one of the key issues in promoting Your project, but wanted to talk about hosting or to be more precise about how to evaluate for suitability. Unstable hosting can greatly slow down your project’s progress, even though You have spent a lot of money and time developing your project, promoting it and advertising it. For example, unavailability of the site due to glitches on the server (hosting) will scare away potential customers. Therefore I propose to consider methods for the assessment of hosting.

Of course, you can not spend time on it and choose a well-established hosting provider and with a 10, 20-year history, then you are likely to get high quality services for the placement of the site, but the price tag is likely to be inflated. This may be less flexible rates with an inflated amount of disk space, a large amount of dedicated memory or a set of additional modules, which may be useless for both novice webmasters and professionals if the project does not require it. And the attitude to You will be a little different, such hosting providers usually do not fuss over each customer, especially if You are an individual, just because they’d rather large companies.

If You have time to save your money and get a high quality hosting you will have when choosing to test.

When choosing a hosting provider the first thing you should pay attention to is the Uptime. This indicator is devoted to an article where you can learn more about it, because I will say only a few words. Uptime is an indicator that characterizes the uptime of hosting (server) or its fault tolerance. Uptime is usually measured in percentages, which reflect the ratio of uptime to server downtime (hosting). This indicator is very important and should aim at 100%, which in real life is impossible to achieve due to various reasons. Uptime of 99.75% or more is considered acceptable. If it is lower it is good to think before you pay attention to this hosting. It is necessary to check this indicator by means of special third-party services carrying out audit of hostings. It is worth to emphasize the word party as no hosting provider will not advertise its glitches and claim 100% fault tolerance. Fortunately, the network has a lot of services that should be used to track the real uptime hosting.

Evaluation of hosting-as a means of saving money

The next indicator is the page load speed. Unique projects on the Internet is not so much and simple search gives us the opportunity to choose from thousands of similar-themed sites. Because a long page load is likely to scare off Your potential client and he, in turn, even waiting for Your site to load, most likely to be puzzled by the search for a more frisky resource. Of course, when you reopen procesiranje browser page download will be much faster, but alas, the impatient user is more likely to check it will not. Because do not forget to test the speed of loading pages on the hosting. This can be done through a variety of services, such as host-tracker.com where not only can You obtain immediate information on the speed of the website but also to monitor the hosting for any amount of time in getting the reports to specified e-mail address. Speed monitoring should be done on several hosts, in order to compare the obtained results. In such cases, the conclusions will be more objective. When tested on host-tracker.com it is necessary to pay attention to the total result and not particularly focus on the results of the test from different cities of the world, because here the indicator may be underestimated, for example, the features of the organization of communication in a particular region, or the time of day due to the load of communication channels. The average speed will draw a General and closer to the truth picture about the operation of the hosting.

Another important indicator of hosting is the response time of the server, i.e. the time from the moment when the browser sent a request to download the site before the start of the download. To test the site for this value, you can again with the help of the above service and the test is also necessary for the same reasons, take into account only the overall result of the test.

Thus, we can easily evaluate any hosting and make objective conclusions about its operation, but what if, for example, we come across a cheap hosting with a decent uptime and a good response, but the download speed will be, to put it mildly, just useless. Of course, such as web hosting should be abandoned. And the fact that it is a long download most annoying user. Even the longest response is often stacked in 1 second. The visitor of the site is psychologically ready for the delay between the press of a button and the start of loading the site and begins to irritate, if this time exceeds 1.5-2 seconds, and before that we just do not notice the delay. But for a long page load times just killed on the spot. I want to wait for it to boot, just to leave an insulting comment on the website and then quickly to leave to never return. Because of the last two indicators it is worth paying special attention to the download speed. If the only problem is the long response from the server and its value is not critical, then I think not worth it to put Kress on such hosting, the more it can be caused by temporary technical problems or maintenance on the server.

Thus, using third-party services and spending a little bit more time, You will easily be able to choose for your website hosting which will be maximally close to the ideal ratio of price and quality.

 |  Eugene Kharkovsky

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Evaluation of hosting-as a means of saving money

Evaluation of hosting-as a means of saving money

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