Affiliate program - LandingHost LandingHost webhosting provider offers active webmasters and web studios to join our affiliate program.

Earn up to 50% commission of every payment made by the clients you attracted!

Terms and Conditions

Affiliate webmasters bring new customers to Landinghost webhosting — either by means of advertising, or by registering new clients manually. The attracted customers then become their referrals. Affiliates receive a commission — up to 50% of their referrals’ spending. The commission is paid to the affiliates’ user accounts, and what remains of the referrals’ payment, counts as their full payment for the hosting service.

Bringing new customers to the company by means of advertising (ad banners, etc.) is done automatically, while registering new customers personally is a manual job — you need to type in their info and enter your affiliate promo code as well.

How Do I Become an Affiliate?

To become an affiliate of LandingHost webhosting and start receiving your income, you only need to go through the registration procedure and become our client. You don’t have to order our services or make any payments.

Go to your User Account, select “Affiliate Program” in the “Customer” section and choose an affiliate program available for you. You will also see your affiliate link and promo code in the section.

Start advertising campaigns on your sites, in social networks, at forums, etc. Everyone who has followed your affiliate link to the site of our hosting, will automatically become your referrals, and you will receive percentage from their spending.

The promo code may be used to register new clients manually.

Register and become an affiliate

Video tutorial «Affiliate Program»

Commission and Funds Withdrawal

Monthly affiliate commission for the previous month is paid on the 1st day of the following month. Mind that the calculations are made based on the referrals’ spending, not their payments. You can view the number of your referrals, as well as track their actions (following your links, registering, making payments) in your User Account.

The commission is paid to personal accounts in LandingHost webhosting. Affiliates can either use their funds to pay for hosting services, or withdraw them:

  • to their wallets in WebMoney or Yandex.Money systems

The minimum withdrawal amount is 350 rubles. A withdrawal request should be formed as a ticket in the billing system with the request status “Affiliate Funds Withdrawal”. You should also supply enough information to identify you in the billing system. The request will be processed within 3 days from the moment the ticket is registered.

Career Opportunities

As you find more and more active customers, your commission will grow.

  • 1 to 10 referrals: You are granted the “VIP Client” status and 30% commission
  • 10 to 30 referrals: You are granted the “Webmaster” status and 40% commission
  • 30 and more referrals: You are granted the “Partner” status and 50% commission

The status is not raised automatically — you have to request it. The company is not responsible for the loss of revenue caused by a delayed request or the time required for its procession. We recommend that you watch for the moment your status can be changed.

Additional Terms

What You Must Not Do When Participating in the LandingHost Affiliate Program:

  1. Register a referral account for your own needs. It’s not about getting a discount for your hosting. If you need “quite a lot of hosting”, let us know and we will gladly review your request and try to come up with some mutually beneficial solution.
  2. Attract customers in ways that can compromise LandingHost hosting, such as spam, “doorways”, or bombarding forums and advertising boards. Using the above advertising methods is considered as violation of the Affiliate Program rules.

If affiliates are found to be violating the program terms, their user accounts will be blocked, and they will not be able to receive or withdraw their affiliate commission.

The program terms may be changed with prior notification.  

Thank you for choosing LandingHost!