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The plan is suitable for hosting CMS like WordPress, DLE, MODx and the like.

Basic Features

Name Features  
Disc Space (MB) 5120+  
Domains (Sites) 1+  
WWW Domains (Sites) 1+  
Number of MySQL Databases 5+  
MySQL Users 5  
FTP Accounts 10  
Number of Email Domains 5  
Number of Mailboxes 10  
Data Transfer  
RAM Limitation (MB) 256  
Price per 1 Month ($) 2.95 $
Price per 3 Months ($) 8.75 $
Price per 6 Months ($) 17.55 $
Price per 1 Year ($) 35.15 $

*Note: Almost all basic features of the plan may be extended.

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When you order hosting from us, you get:

Free site builder

Free adaptive design, easy to use, has no limitations, supports 42 languages

PHP Version Option

php 5.2, php 5.3, php 5.4, php 5.4.16, php 5.5, php 5.6, php 7.1

Free SSL Certificate

Totally free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for any domain, 5-minute installation

Email Client

Self-contained free Roundcube email client integrated into the hosting panel


Every day we create backups of your site that you can restore right from your user account

Protection from DDoS Attacks

With our two-level effective protection against external threats, the issue of DDoS attacks on your site is gone forever!

Наш хостинг:

  • Без рекламы
  • Без тормозов
  • Собственная панель управления
  • Возможность бесплатно выбрать IP адрес к домену
  • Управление DNS-записями
  • Управление журналами веб-сервера
  • Защищенный почтовый web-интерфейс
  • Круглосуточная техническая поддержка
  • Бесплатный домен 3 уровня на базе домена pamiaf.ru
  • И многое другое

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